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Web Design and Development Evolution of Websites up to 2020

web development evolution

Web Development

The massive step in technology development we have taken for the last 25 to 50 years is just incredible, some would say unbelievable. This, of course, more and more includes computers and computing technology and the internet. In web development space, we went from 1990’s simple-looking hardcoded static websites, or lookalike-textbook blogs with constant issues and bugs, to super-fast loading and slick-looking high definition websites that we have today. And all of that with even less amount of time to build them.

The web design and web development craft got obviously less time consuming and difficult, and with everyone having access to the internet today it’s also a more competitive and less valuable skill. Every student understanding basic computer technology can create a nice looking professional website by using the right tool.

Of course, there are more reasons why the websites lost the value, but there is one online sector that is becoming more and more valuable, and not just to businesses. It’s SEO!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

My philosophy is that SEO is a part of what we call the “Web Development” which I believe includes also web design and online marketing. But instead, it’s being treated separately as it has nothing to do with it. It has a lot to do with the fact that when the designer creates the website and puts it live on the internet, it’s nowhere to be seen or found unless you type the exact web address into the browser.

It has not any organic rankings yet if you won’t start working on the website’s SEO. Of course, you can buy paid ads and get traffic that way, but it’s mostly charged by pay-per-click and it could become very pricy depending on the amount of advertising competition. Paid ads are based on the bidding system, many businesses bidding on the same keywords using the rule who bids higher gets better/more traffic.

So in these days, we can build websites quite fast, but what actually takes time and resources is to make it alive on the internet by implementing various optimization and marketing strategies that are up to date proven to work. SEO is a long term investment to future success.

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